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The Gover​nment  Dental College in Bangalore is one of the first few dental colleges  in the country post independence and the first dental college  in Karnataka  to have started in 1958 with its beautiful stone walled  building and campus. Within a very short period of time GDC gained lot of importance with its service to humanity mainly through best dental education to its students and catering to the needs of the population in and around Karnataka through efficient oral health care delivery. Government Dental-college-Building-Bangalore.

The first P​ostgraduate course in the subject of Orthodontia was started in the year 1965 followed  by Periodontia and Oral Surgery in 1967, in Oral medicine, Preventive and Social dentistry in 1973-74 and Conservative dentistry in 1977, which were given the due recognition by the Dental Council of India.

This repute and credentials of the GDC was the reason for the expert committee of World Health Organisation(WHO) to  visit this college as a centre and  choose this institution amongst several institutions throughout the Southeast Asia to establish a Service clinic in the college and also recommended the starting of the  Post graduate programme in the subject of Preventive and social dentistry for the first time in our country.

GDC is a recognized center for the PhD programme in the six   specialities with 3 recognised PhD guides .Its also a centre for numerous ongoing WHO-GOI projects .

GDC caters not only to caters to the  patients who visit this institute but also caters to the patients visiting Bowring Hospital ,Jayanagar General Hospital, K C General Hospital, and also the  dental  clinic set up at the Central Prison ,Bangalore.

The GDC boasts of a well equipped state of art Mobile Dental Unit with two dental chairs fitted in it along with the latest equipments attached, catering to the oral health needs of the people in the outreach through ongoing regular screening and treatment camps.

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Victoria Hospital, Near City Market, Kalasipalayam, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002

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